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Solid Minky Fabric is a ultra soft and comfortable type of fabric that be used for a wide array of purposes. Among it being a very warm type of fabric, Solid Minky Fabric is still very durable and comes in a variety of colors. This fabric is ideal for baby blankets and anything baby related. If it's soft enough for a baby then you can buy Minky Fabric wholesale here for your project. We have a large variety of patterns and prints for you to shop for and order in bulk. You wont find better deals online for minky fabric than here at Big Z Fabric with our monthly deals and discounts.

Top Minky Fabric By the Yard Prints

Minky Dimple Dot Baby Soft Fabric

minky dot fabric
Starting at $9.99

Minky Animal Print Fabric

minky print fabric example
Starting at $9.99

Minky Floral Fabrics

floral minky fabric example
Starting at $9.99

What is Minky Fabric? What kinds of uses are good with it?
Minky fabric is first and foremost perfect for any project where comfort and softness is the primary need. They call minky fabric "baby soft" because it is just so soft! We sell minky fabric wholesale so you can buy in bulk and create blankets and more. Here are a few examples of what customers have used minky soft fabric for in the past, but our selection. Customers have used the minky cuddle fabric for:

  • Minky Fabric Throw Blankets: soft and with a variety of textures Minky Fabric makes for very exciting and customizable blankets that you can put together by buying in bulk.
  • Holiday Socks: choose from our huge variety of prints to make for some of the softest feeling socks you've ever given. Special occassion designs are available for order seasonally.
  • Baby Wrap: comfortable newborn babies and their happiness is what made Minky Fabric popular and is still the classic type of use for our Minky Fabrics. Make a fun and unique baby wrap for your friends and family.

You can see some of these examples in the video below!

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